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Lactoferrin is a single defensive immune protein, which is 100% pure and natural. Lactoferrin is already part of your body’s immune defence system, and it is found in the mucosal linings of the body, such as the gut, airways, mouth, and in tears to keep the eyes healthy and protected from pathogens. Far from being a new thing, Lactoferrin has been astounding medical and scientific researchers since 1975, and there are over 1450 peer reviewed, published scientific papers on this remarkable supplement.

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Well researched: 

Over 1800 studies in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals show the effectiveness that oral supplementation with Lactoferrin can have. Lactoferrin has US FDA approval as a safe and non-toxic supplement (GRAS).

Extensive research on Lactoferrin here on the National Institutes of Health website.

Lactoferrin is IOC friendly and FDA approved.

Ron Gellately, the world renowned Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homoeopath sings the praises of Lactoferrin in his bestselling book ‘Internal Health’.  Lactoferrin is a well researched, effective and safe natural alternative. Read more studies on Lactoferrin from the National Institutes of Health database here. This highly qualified therapist says, ‘If you can only afford one supplement – make it Lactoferrin.’

Read studies on Lactoferrin at the National Library of Medicine here.

Taken as a supplement to a healthy well-balanced diet, Immunecare Lactoferrin can help support the body’s immune system in a unique and powerful way.

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Dosage instructions

When needing extra immune support, take a dosage of one capsule three times per day; for maintenance take one capsule per day. Capsules should be taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of tepid water (approximately 300ml).

Immunecare Lactoferrin comes in bottles of 90 vegetarian capsules, each capsule containing 250mg of pure New Zealand Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin contains no lactose, and so is suitable for those with lactose intolerance. Also contains microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate.